Web design involves much more than deciding how a website looks.

Here is a percentage breakdown of tasks for the average web design project:

10% – set up hosting/registration 05% – password management 10% – testing, troubleshooting 10% – project management 05% – file management/FTP 05% – code verification 15% – emails/phone calls 10% – image selection, optimization 05% – style sheet management 05% – form creation, testing 20% – designing look and feel

These do not include time for:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social network marketing
  • General marketing strategy
  • Site updates/corrections
  • Sitemap creation

Next time you find yourself wondering why it seems to be taking so long for the web designer to design your site, remember: most of the the time a web designer spends is for things that you can’t actually see — these things are nevertheless crucial if you want your site to be cost-effective, attractive, easy to navigate, easy to update and useful to your clients.

With web design, there is much, much more there than meets the eye.