Ahead of its Create NOW event, Adobe has announced a menagerie of new Photoshop features, including CSS support, Conditional Actions, 3D effects improvements and retina support; updates to Muse, including design capabilities for both phones and tablets; and new Creative Cloud features, like desktop sync & team support.

These updates come nearly 8 months after Creative Cloud and CS 6 were first introduced, and almost three months after Adobe launched its Web-focused Edge family. Without a doubt, Adobe has kept itself busy this year, as it attempts to sway its massive user-base of designers, photographers and developers away from occasional updates in favor of its monthly Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Now, let’s dive into the new features.

Major Photoshop Updates

Out of every update Adobe has announced today, the introduction of Retina display support to Photoshop and Illustrator has certainly made the most waves. This change will feel largely banal to most Adobe fans, but for Retina Macbook Pro users (and everyone else with an HiDPI display), Retina support means an Adobe experience which actually takes advantage of high-resolution screens. Previously, neither Photoshop’s interface nor its canvas displayed properly on Apple’s best screen. As we previously noted, this led to serious problems which have only now been resolved.

Beyond all the Retina hubbub, Adobe has made a number of additional enhancements which are only available to Creative Cloud subscribers (unlike the Retina update).

For Web designers, you’ll likely be most excited about Photoshop’s introduction of CSS support, which lets you generate CSS from layers and their layer styles — similarly to CSS Hat.