To start off, keep in mind that web development, like any other ‘craft’, is a subjective process, and that any one opinion may differ from the next. The idea is not to establish what is right or wrong, but to try to lay down some ground rules and to give you a place to start. Everything has its place, but try to use tools when they enhance what you’re trying to get across, instead of just downloading things and throwing them in because they look neat.


Try to avoid things that have been done a million times before, and are getting a little tired. These might include:


page counters

javascript text scrolling

excessive animated .GIF’s

under construction signs

page fade-ins, etc.

If you really need a page counter, make it hidden…if your site gets a lot of traffic, a counter comes off as being arrogant, and if your site doesn’t, do you really want the whole world knowing?Javascript scrolling and page fading have been done so many times, that they serve nothing other than showing a lack of originality. As far as under construction signs go, isn’t that the whole idea of web…that it is constantly changing and under construction?


If you see an image you like, try to make your own…if you see an interesting layout, try to use it as a reference. This way you’ll have a fresh, original site instead of a page full of backgrounds, animations and javascript functions from an overused library…and your site will stand out from the rest.