A business that maintains a website to sell products or services must always focus on the needs of the customer. This is, ironically, even more important than when dealing with a customer offline. A customer can leave the business website much more quickly than he can leave the store. All he has to do is click the mouse button. Businesses that experience a high bounce rate, which is a high percentage of visitors who leave almost immediately after arriving at the site, suffer financially. An even more important metric is the conversion rate, which is a measure of how many visitors actually become customers.

Websites that experience a high number of visitors converting into customers have a high conversion rate. A high conversion rate means that the website can maintain a relatively high profit level even with varying traffic. The conversion rate is the key metric to business success in the online world. To improve the conversion rate, it is first necessary to understand a few basic principles of web design and market psychology. The conversion rate is actually a psychological measure of the level of comfort of a visitor. The design of the product page, which is the web page where the product and purchase options are listed, is a critical factor.

Emphasizing the product name, price and picture is important. Ideally, the product name would be in big, bold text, and the picture would be large so the visitor can see all of the details. Organizing this information in a visually appealing way can also help make a sale. The descriptive text of the product is best placed on the right side of the screen. Use empty space to frame these elements and give the product page structure.

An excellent feature to have on this page is customer reviews, if there are any. Even if there are no reviews, create a space for customers to leave them. This implies that the business is open to customer feedback. Encouraging current or past customers to leave reviews can improve the conversion rate. Positive, well-written reviews are perhaps the best method of increasing conversions.