Maybe you all know what UX is and what it really means. UX or user experience is an important aspect of website development that gauges of the reactions of visitors to the design. UX focuses on how design elements help the visitors get what they want, or know what they have to know. If you want to read more about UX, we have a separate articlefor that.

For this article, let’s will try to transform that understanding into tangible and perceivable changes in your websites. We amassed a few essential UX tips for your website!

We all know that there are a lot of factors to put in mind when designing websites. As a designer, you have to understand that everything you do can affect conversions.This directly affects how the goals of the website is achieved.

UX embraces a lot of design principles from colors, lines to element placing. Let us look into these considerations:


Your Homepage


Your website’s home page includes all the rudimentary messages that you want your viewers to understand. It means that you should focus on the gist of what you want to happen.

To ensure great UX, remember NOT to put everything in the homepage. People hate reading long texts so be as brief as possible. Your website’s homepage should orient your readers to what’s in the website.

Here are few things to put in mind:

  • KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)
  • Scroll-Conservativeness. The most important content, elements (like Calls to Action) should always be placed above the fold.
  • Link properly. Links should go to the right pages. Your homepage should always have About, News, Contact and Content pages at the very least.
  • Put what you want to sell first. This is connected to the scroll-conservativeness tip. Put what you sell ahead of everything. Give your visitors a heads-up on what they will find.
  • Link the logo. Always link the logo to the Homepage.