Facebook has invested in an Asian undersea cable project, which has been designed to improve internet speeds for citizens and businesses in the region.

The 10,000 km Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) system will run directly from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan, with links branching off to other countries like India, Indonesia and Philippines.

Facebook said the move would support efforts to boost membership in what was already one of its fastest growing markets, The BBC reports.

“Our investment in this cable will help support our growth in South Asia, making it possible for us to provide a better user experience for a greater number of Facebook users in countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore,” the report quoted a spokesman, saying.

The project to construct and maintain APG is funded by a group that includes two large Chinese internet service providers, China Telecom and China Unicom.

Facebook is not the first major US internet firm to invest in web infrastructure.

Google announced in 2008 that it would invest in a 300 million dollars undersea cabling system called Unity between Asia and the US.