What is a brand? Everyone knows it, but what they may not know is: web design also helps in building the brand image of company. So if you are lured by Versace, Nike, Apple, Pepsi or McDonald’s, just put a little effort in your website design and become the first choice of customers! Experts from our webdesign company have refined some tips to help you create brand image from web design. Have a look.

Aesthetics Come First
Website design needs to do multiple things simultaneously, but it should look good at first. The importance of aesthesis in web design needs no revision. Colors, layout, Fonts, images- every feature is extremely important for a winning design. Be careful when selecting them, especially the color scheme because each color has different meaning. It is perceived differently in different countries, so choose the colors that suit your business needs and target audience.

Reflect character through design
No matter what you sell, your web design should have a personality that reflects your business identity. Mix some anthropomorphic elements to your design because characteristics tell the visitor about your business goals.

Splash some emotions
A website that ties a visitor emotionally is always good. But it depends on the designer what type of emotions he wants people to associate with the site. Think of the emotions that complement your business and splash it over in your design.

Maintain Consistency
One of the best ways to make design popular is to maintain consistency. Make sure your design elements are consistent throughout the site. Consistency is not only restricted to colors, it also includes typography, images and other design elements.

Make your logo noticeable
When designing a website you have to ensure that your logo should be clear and visible. Many designers position logos at the upper left area of the web page. An effective logo should not only be placed at the right spot, it should be bigger in size and linked to home page.

Make the most of Call to Action
If you want to boost your conversion rates, use catchy call to action and place it at the right position.

The X-Factor
What sets your design apart from others? Have you put anything unique and extraordinary in your design? A striking website design sticks a visitor to the site, keeps him coming back and helps in building brand image.
We hope these basic web design tips will help in branding your business. Have your say in the comments below.