There are various facets of web design that you can take advantage of, but before anything else, you must start off on the right foot. Here are two things that you must have before you set yourself on planning the blueprints of your website:

1. Do you have a domain name? You must decide on one that can easily be remembered, preferably a name that is keyword rich. Do not be vague, and ensure that it represents your site and your business very well. Many sources say, avoid using hyphens (-) in your domain name, and stick to three words or less in a name. Note that a .com site or .net site is better than .info or .org.

2. Have you found a web host? A web host provides you with your drawing board to place your website in. In a way, they give you the space on the World Wide Web to upload your site and all its contents. Web hosts may be free or paid, and you are given tools and tech support to help you out.

When you have nailed these two down, you can then plan your website. You can design it yourself if you are familiar with HTML and web design software. You may also use templates which are available online, for you to have a professional looking color scheme and lay out.