Make an effort to keep your website fresh, especially if you want to get repeat visitors. If a site remains stagnant, people will stop visiting it again and again, but if there is always something new, people will often drop by just to see what’s changed.

You might want to think about doing a complete site redesign every few months, as it not only keeps it fresh, but it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of newer technology as it comes out. This also helps to improve your site as time goes on, as you’ll invariably learn better techniques through each iteration.

  • One other way of keeping things fresh is use dynamic content to your advantage. This can be in many forms, such as:
  • java-script or CGI scripting to create content
  • using cookies to track previous visits, and customize content
  • randomizing elements of the site, such as main graphics, logos, etc.

If the site looks different every time somebody visits, they’ll be more inclined to come back again. If the content is customized to them individually, then you can ‘target market’ your information, and improve your odds of successfully reaching that person.