Clear navigation

The navigation on your website tells customers how to find the information they need. You should make sure your navigation is easy to find and very clear. Try writing it in the terms that link back to why someone is visiting your site. (For example, if you are a realtor your navigation might include: Selling your House, Finding a New Home, Getting a Mortgage, etc).

Visually appealing and simple home page
Don’t try to say everything about your business on your home page. Keep it simple and easy to read – so the visitor comes away with a good basic understanding of your business and what they can find on your site – but keep it brief – you can go into much more detail in your subsequent web pages.

Prominent Contact Information
Even in this online world, sometimes customers will want to reach out to a real person so make your contact information easy to find – and if possible – include a phone number as well as an email address.

Especially if your site relates to products that you are selling, it is smart to include an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to help customers easily find answer to questions about your products and services. For smaller businesses this may also help cut down on phone calls or tech support emails – saving time and money for the business owner.

A Call to Action
Make sure it is clear to visitors what you want them to do when they get to your site. If your intention is to drive sales with your site – be sure you include special pricing, promotions or offers and make it easy for customers to buy. If your intention is to educate visitors about your business, make sure information about your company is prominently displayed and easy to find.