“It has become painfully obvious to website owners, website developers, and search engine optimization providers that Microsoft’s Bing search engine is having trouble indexing websites,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development firm offering a wide-range of search engine optimization (SEO) services to clients worldwide. “The good news is that Microsoft is trying to address the issue and has even offered tips for website owners whose sites have yet to join the ranks of others on Bing.”

According to Crisafi, any website that has not been properly indexed by Bing should take the following steps:

First, verify that the website has not been blocked by Bing by using the tools offered on its official homepage.

Second, run a test search to ensure that the site is in fact not being indexed properly.

“If the site is not being indexed through Bing, it is important to verify that the site itself is properly optimized for deep indexing, which should include offering quality content and backlinks,” says Crisafi. “However, even Microsoft officials admit that MSN search, Live Search, and now Bing have all suffered from a slowly updated small index.”

While Bing has some excellent features, Crisafi notes that it continues to struggle with the same issues that previous incarnations of the service have had. For example, the index size and the results that come with less popular queries, pale in comparison to Google.

“Microsoft is continuing to improve Bing, however, and eventually the new search engine will be improved to the point in which it recognizes websites automatically,” says Crisafi. “Although there isn’t much anyone can do to ensure quick indexing through Bing, being prepared through website optimization is an important first step.”