Compress your image files.

Nothing is more annoying to readers than waiting for a 300k graphic to load when it should be only 20k instead. Graphics software can compress files so they take up less room on your disk, and therefore take less time to load into your visitors’ browsers. Get some graphics software and shrink those file sizes! GifBot is quick and easy, and shrinks your graphics right on a webpage. Or you can download graphics software: Windows: HVS GifCruncher and JPEG Wizard. Macintosh: GraphicConverter.And as mentioned earlier, don’t bog your site down with auto-playing sound files, either.

  Don’t let flashy multimedia ruin your site.

Flashy graphics and multimedia controls may look nice, but they’re bad when they make it hard for visitors to get the information they want from your site. Nobody wants to be annoyed by having to use a cumbersome Java scroller to see all the text in a field, much less wait for all the doodads to load — if they even work at all. Google “Flash sucks” and you’ll see why users revile Flash-based websites. (The exception, of course, are sites whose content is about creative things such as art or music, where multimedia can be way to present the site.)