When everyone seems to be indulging in blogging, what do you think what all elements your Blog needs to make and retain its position. Strong Networking, or Excellent writing skills. Well, no one can point out just one factor that can assure you of the success you need. Our today’s post focuses on major points to keep in mind to avoid Blog design mistakes because 1st impression can last really long.

It doesn’t matter how well you network, do SEO, or even write — if your blog looks hideous, you won’t get the visitors you want. Sadly, many bloggers, and even professional layout designs, make tragic and costly mistakes in the look and layout of a site. Here are five of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to blog design.

1. Giant, real-estate Devouring Design Elements
One trend in blog design is to have a beautiful, stylized design element above the entries themselves. While these can be entirely appealing when limited to under 100px in height, many of these design banners are two or three times that size. Not only does this get rid of some of your prime website real estate, it makes it less likely that visitors will get pulled into your site, regardless of how pretty the design element is.

2. Too busy
A cluttered blog is a veritable minefield for your visitors. While being assailed by advertisements, widgets, features, subscription prompts, and alternate forms of navigation, your visitors won’t be looking at your entries — they’ll be looking for another blog to read. Visitors should be able to figure out how to navigate your site within seconds, or they won’t stay around. Further, adding too many extra features creates a “visual lockout,” and none of your prompts will be seen at all.

3. Light Text on Black Background
Some of the most attractive blog designs have a fatal color choice — a dark color behind the main content, with light colored text. We know scientifically that light on dark is significantly harder to read, and studies have indicated sites with this design fail to keep visitors around for as long.

4. Not Audience Appropriate
Some of the most beautiful blog designs don’t work because they’re not appropriate for the audience. Different looks will appeal to different groups, and even the same visitors will have different tastes based on the topic of your blog. Look at competitors in your industry to see what style their blogs take on. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask your visitors what they think of your current site. Posting a question in a blog entry is simple if you want some limited feedback, and broad scale opinion can be discovered readily through online survey software.

5. Poor Text Organization
The strong majority of your visitors will do a quick skim over entries to see if anything “catches their eye.” If you really want their attention, you have to work at the design of each of your individual blog entries. One of the most important things to do is organize text well, breaking up long segments with headers, integrating images, and varying text presentation with bullet points, bold, italics, links, and similar.

Your blog design is as important as looks were back in high school, and a similar obsession with them is appropriate. By looking your best, the other strengths of your blog will be able to shine through, successfully captivating the loyal audience you’ve always wanted.