Typography was overseen until 5-6 years ago, when it became a trend to work on it. If you ignore it now, it can damage you and your website. The reason behind Amazon’s Kindle products being so popular is the fact that they focus a lot on the reading experience – fonts, size, line height, spacing, light and so on. When you get the Kindle, you can’t wait to start reading a book just because it is indeed a pleasure to do it while using the tremendous device.



Image by Amazon

If you think the web is much more different than reading a book, you are mistaken. Typography is as important on the web nowadays at it is in print. Actually, it is much more important. If you bought a book with bad typography, you might end up reading it anyway because you spent money on it or because you really are interested in the subject. If a website has bad typography, you will just exit off it and find the same information somewhere else – this is the internet of 2012, anything can be found out there.

Updating your fonts and general look of the text is so much easier to do now than 10 years ago, with the bunch load of software support we have at our disposal, such as CSS3 or the capability of embedding fonts. Don’t overlook typography, it is a huge setback. You have no idea how much line spacing can mean, even for the most basic font out there. Try it, go now on your website and increase the line-spacing to 1.5 of the font size. You will be amazed how a three-second tweak will make your website look like. And then imagine, if you did that with a basic font, how much can you do actually with a beautiful typeface?

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on typefaces just to see they don’t fit your website. Adjust the one that you have now. Play with line height, spacing (both between words and letters) and font size. These things are so basic and can do so much – it is incredible how many people choose to ignore them.

If you are tired of your default font, you don’t necessarily need to spend money on a premium one. Google Fonts offers lots of beautiful typefaces which can be incorporated with a CSS property called @font-face. All the fonts offered by Google’s web app are free, so there is no excuse for not playing with them for a while. You might also want to check Adobe Web Fonts.