By now, most entrepreneurs know that the only way for their business to have an edge against rival businesses, they must keep up with the new advances in technology. Technology has allowed consumers to access the internet from wherever they are and the constant dilemma of businesses is how to make that aspect of technology work for them.

Presently, the entire business community has their eyes fixed on mobile websites. According to a recent report, consumers who browse on websites through their mobile phones are more likely to make fewer clicks than when they are browsing through their PCs or laptops. For this reason, businesses have to be very strategic when it comes to designing mobile websites to ensure that visitors do not have to make so many clicks to make a simple purchase.

Entrepreneurs and marketers need to take a hands-on approach. They must be able to take a good look at their mobile websites and make sure that the said sites are mobile phone friendly. This can be very tricky especially since one has to also be innovative when it comes to the mobile site design. A few guidelines will make this task less complicated, though.

1. Although tables in websites are greatly appreciated when viewed from PCs, this advice does not hold true when designing mobile websites. Chances are table mobile websites will not be able to display tables properly and in the case that it does viewers may have a hard time going over the information posted on the table.

2. Make sure that visitors can easily navigate through your website. As already stated, viewers will not be as patient when browsing through their mobile phones as compared to when they are using their desktop computers. For this reason, make it easy for them to navigate your site or else they will give up and leave.

3. As a continuation of no.2, it is crucial for only important content to be prioritized when designing mobile websites. As much as possible, include only information which viewers will most likely retrieve when they are on the go. For instance, patients are not likely to check the educational background of their dentist when they are on their lunch break so mobile dental websites don’t have to really include a section for the staff. However, it is most probable for patients to schedule appointments through their mobile phones especially when they have no other time to do so. Hence, it will be more practical for mobile dental sites to highlight that.