The Internet is a very powerful tool that can be used to share information around the world. While many web designers are not aware of it, they need to keep in mind that visitors can come from a multitude of countries. There are three key components to reaching the most visitors from around the world and increasing the number of visits you receive.

You need to be aware of:

The language that is primarily spoken
Cultural differences that reside in each country
How making your reader comfortable will bring them back again and again

Keeping Language in Mind

While most sites are written in English, it is not necessarily the most frequently used language. This does not mean that there is one single language that is used more often than another, but that designers need to consider the fact that a site with several major languages will get more international viewers.

This problem can quickly be addressed by offering the same content in another language so that others can enjoy it. If you sell products, having your site translated will increase your business tremendously since more customers are able to access your site and purchase new items. If you decide to have your site translated, do not simply trust a program to do it for you; have a person translate it so that they can get the meaning as well as the correct tone for your writing.

Remember Your Audience

Many countries read their text horizontally, meaning that a vertical sliding bar does not benefit them very much. In order to make things easier for them to read and enjoy, implementing a horizontal sliding bar is a simple solution that lets your readers know you care. As a designer, this will not take much time, but your viewers will appreciate it nonetheless. You can take this a step further and give visitors a template that they can flip around in order to read in a manner that is most comfortable to them.

If you want to impact those that visit your site the most, you need to do some research. See where you are getting the most hits from and where those countries are. Once you can identify what country is visiting your sites the most, you can start making the proper adjustments to help them enjoy your site. For example, you will want to know what colors can be misinterpreted when you design your page. While some colors can be accepted as positive in some countries, other countries may see the same colors in a negative light.

Go the Extra Mile

Another benefit you can get from knowing your audience is to find out how they are reaching your site. This will help you create keywords that will help it pop up on search engines. Do not automatically assume that everyone uses Google, because you will be missing out on potential visitors that use other search engines.

In the end, a little research can go a long way. From adjusting your page layout and the languages you offer to the ability to flip templates and use neutral colors, you will be able to pull in new visitors and show that you care about their country and culture. You are bound to benefit from the extra efforts given in showing your web site visitors the consideration and respect they deserve.