Facebook has over 400 million users and half of these users utilize face book every day. The fact demonstrates how much important face book has become in the lives of common to business oriented people. An average user normally spends almost 13.3 hours per month on face book which is an average of about 26 minutes per day. It is essential for a web designer to know the reason why people are so crazy about face book. Once the designers know the reason they will definitely know how to utilize this tremendous application for business growth.

Reasons behind using face book

You must be a face book user yourself so you must definitely know what’s the reason behind using this application. It enables users so that they can

-Connect with friends
-Comment on photos
-Upload videos
-Create and interact with groups and events
-And can also like face book fan pages
-And you must also have a face book profile no doubt. What comes in mind at this stage is what basically a face book fan page is? What can it do for any business?

What Facebook Fan Page Can Do For Your Business?

The best thing about face book fan page is it can be created by anyone for

-local business
-Product or organization
-Band or public figure
-Custom Fan Page Websites- Interactive Designing Examples

These are the companies that understand they have designed the page such that users can interact with them and also buy products. This is a brilliant marketing strategy that you can accomplish from face book. So with interactive fan page you don’t need to spend lots of money and can easily build a powerful marketing strategy.

About 400 million reason to get face book fan page

Face book has over more than a million users and this number is growing like wild fire. About 200 people log on to face book every day. About 100 million users interact with face book using mobile devices like iPad, blackberry, iPhone etc. Moreover an average user has over 130 friends and connected to 60 fan pages. Therefore all this information provides you with 400 million reasons to go for fan page designing. This will help you monetize face book, stand out in market and be competitive.

Why custom fan page website

Interactive fan page website design makes your business a success. With custom fan page website you can accomplish the following tasks

-Setup SMO marketing campaign
-Generate sales from fan page website
-Create and capture leads
-Build email or newsletter list
-Drive targeted traffic
-Engage community with videos, polls, twitter, Google maps and much more.
-Collect leads from right within face book

So now at this point you must be ready to collect leads from your fan page website by

-Adding social media links
-Selling products and services directly from face book
-Monetizing social media campaign
-Getting quality traffic
-Ensuring future marketing through building email list
-Engaging with community interactively
-Building brand awareness
Thus generate more leads more sales and ultimately more money. It’s time to act now and find out how this new media revolution on face book can help your business grow.