New apps and websites appear on an almost daily basis, but trying to find the good ones among them can be tough, especially considering how many are not that great.

So here are some of the good ones that are out there Enjoy!

DesignHamster is a new CMS aimed specifically at web designers. Design your website as you normally would, mark the areas that should be editable by your clients, and then DesignHamster will take care of the rest, including a 60-second training video for your clients.

Quote Roller:
Quote Roller is a new app for creating, sending, and managing proposals. You can create lists of items to reuse for each proposal, design your own proposals or choose one from the community library, and track client activity with instant notifications.

i2Style Typeset Style Generator:
i2Style is a simple tool for creating buttons using strictly CSS, with no images. Text shadows, box shadows, borders, and rounded corners are all supported.

Zapd is a simple, free app for quickly creating websites from your iPhone. There are themes to choose from and customize, and sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, and email.

dooWiki lets you add a wiki to your website without having to redirect users to a third-party wiki site or installing extra software. You can create both private and public wikis.

Google Page Speed:
Google Page Speed checks your website against common things that can slow down a page’s load time. You can check both mobile and desktop versions of your site, and it even gives suggestions for making your page faster. There’s a Chrome extension for it, too.

ProtoShare 5:
ProtoShare 5 is the latest iteration of the ProtoShare wireframing and collaboration app. The new version is cloud-based for easier sharing and collaboration, and has been rebuilt from the ground-up so that it’s much faster than earlier versions.

diagonalFade is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create diagonal fad-ins and fade-outs for a grouping of elements.

CSSPivot lets you add CSS styles to any website and then share them with a short link. You can use it to let others submit their ideas for your site, of view the Pivots others have created.

Tumblr Themr:
Tumblr Themr is an app that makes it easy to create your own Tumblr themes using data from your own Tumblr blog. It’s relatively simple to use (especially when compared to coding a Tumblr theme from scratch), and it’s free for personal use. A commercial license is available for just $20.