If you are web designer yourself or if you are running a creative web design company of your own, the only suggestion for you to boost your career is through updating yourself timely. If you do not update yourself with the timely innovations, you might end up being a looser. No one wants to end up this way and everyone wishes to boost his or her business one way or the other.

The competition in the market of web designing is increasing day by day. 2011 market will be too fierce to be captured and only the bests will come out of the crowd. The latest development in this genus is the like buttons which are hot-popular these days. Small business owners must know what they require on their websites in order to be in the competition.

Following are some essential elements that you require for your website. If you ensure the following elements, you will have edge over the rest of your competitors:

Mobile Site Merged with QR Codes

According to the Entrepreneur magazine, Americans spend more than $3.4 billion on mobile shopping. Keeping this figure in mind, it is worth to have a mobile optimized website. The same study indicated that the mobile usage would increase in the coming years. You can even offer a facebook link of your company on your website, which may help mobile users to always connect with your company through any means.

Social Media Widgets

If you are looking for power house of online marketing campaign, it’s better to go for a facebook account, integrated with all other social media accounts. You can then place the facebook feed box on your website as well. Your facebook fans then can visit your website any time. This would be the best marketing campaign.

Your presence on social media websites also brings credibility to your website or your business. Plus the likes on facebook, play an important role in clearing your position. If you have more likes than your competitors, you enjoy better reputation than them!


Blogs are another source for you to benefit from. Blogs are the best choice for your small sized businesses. Blogs connect your visitors to your website. Blogs help you tell people, what they don’t know about your company. People do not look at your website to know about you, rather they like reading others reviews on different blogs to make an idea about your company. Blogs does not simply fulfill the function of a public relation officer, but at the same time it also helps you in search engine optimization of your website.

Search engine optimization:

Are you interested in attracting more traffic to your website? Obviously yes! Well search engine optimization is the perfect way to get the job done. The latest surveys in this genus show that nearly 90% of the people search for different things online. Now that the lives of people have gone too busy and people hardly find any time for researching, they try to utilize the search engines for their jobs. Therefore search engine optimization is what you need first, even if you are running a small business.


Videos are an appropriate way of informing the customers what the website is all about. Especially if you are offering a product, it’s better to present it through videos. Videos have the tendency to capture more attention of the users or viewers and they are more likely to be retained in the minds of the viewers.

Keep in mind the above suggestions and take your business to the next level of success!