People passionate about and/or working with computers usually have weight problems; it’s happening because many of us don’t have enough time and willingness to practice sport, it’s enough to walk a few minutes per day and a lot of problems are avoided. The problem is well-known by 99% of the web designers, but a very small percentage really does something against getting obese or other diseases. Practicing any kind of sport is beneficial for our health but it also has some influences on our style and manner of work.

I can’t say that I am the best web designer or a sports fanatic but I can say that I am one of the most talented “athletic web designers”. The main idea of this post is not how talented I am or how gifted, it is a modest attempt to clarify the role of sport in the life of a potential sedentary person. I am pretty sure and medicine demonstrated that a good mind makes a good team with a healthy body and vice-versa. If you aren’t fully convinced, read this post, things will be clear and why not, you will turn into a more active individual (let’s hope). For someone who practices any type of sport in an intense manner, the tips below will seem pretty common but no doubt, very useful; don’t be afraid to share with us your point of view or other tips learnt from a sports-related activity, use the comment form and we will pay attention to the readers thoughts. In fact, the active exchange of opinions is the idea of a creative and utile blogosphere.

1. Discipline is the base of success
It is an unpleasant piece of advice but it’s reality and we can’t modify it. An experienced web designer practiced for years, graduated from an university, learned techniques, adjacent sciences, passed lots of exams (too many!!!) and faced the most challenging exam, the face-to-face meeting with the client. Do you believe that all these may be accomplished without any endeavor and a strict program or a teacher would hold over an exam because you missed a bus? Or do you think that Zinedine Zidane, the well-known French football player drank beers when he didn’t played football? Clearly, NO!

It’s true, this tip is valid to all the trades in the world but it’s vital and fully deserves to be inserted here. A serious approach is a must; the road to perfection is only for few of us.

2. Practice, patience and progress

The rule of 3P is backbreaking but only this may assure you the status of a professional web designer. The same as in any sport, by practicing, you gain experience and became competitive. The feeling of certitude offers you the possibility of working creatively, the under pressure effect being almost zero. The idea is simple: if you are a sprinter you must run everyday tens of kilometers, if you are a designer you must create unlimited menus, headers or logos. Along the time everything will look simple and easy to finish. You probably noticed that “along the time” is bolded and italicized, this knowhow comes after years of practice. Here comes in the next “p”, meaning patience. Depending on each mental capacity and talent, the results come after a period of practice, one needs months or years while others need only few weeks. Many web designers started their career as individuals but they expect to have clients from the moment of launching the online portfolio. Wrong! …the clients won’t visit your website, it is better for you to find them. The same fortune is presented in sport: the great skills of gymnasts are developed in years of constant endeavor and practice.

The last “p” really makes the difference between amateurs and professionals, the patience and the practice aren’t still enough, a daily progress is required, no matter how important, the idea of positive evolution is essential. A major concern for everyone, no matter if he is an athlete or web designer is the existence of progress, you should always be better tomorrow that today, clearly this is the winning mentality.

3. The endeavor is never-ending, the satisfaction is too short

I am always amazed by the acrobatic exercises of the gymnasts, these do not last more than four minutes but behind of these evolutions, there are tons of hours spent practicing. Both a web designer and an athlete must understand that the moments of happiness are very few and these are preceded by many other hours of hard work. Definitely, the creation of a webpage or a simple jump apparently is a decent task, but thinking deeper the situation is quite different. In a nutshell, don’t expect very much the appreciation of other people and be sure, no one is rewarded as much as he deserves!

4. You should know how to attract people

Both in sport and web design it is better to be appreciated by people, the charisma of each person playing a definite role here. The public may turn anyone into a big star or in a non-grata individual. Any athlete and web designer must understand that appreciation of other people is important and no matter how competitive they are, without an active public the level of “amateur” can’t be overcome.

At the end, I warn you that the lack of sport may have very bad influences on your health so try to practice; don’t be ashamed if you aren’t skilled, the idea of physical effort is important. Enjoy your physical activities!