The need of a website has been increasing day by day. The businesses cannot think of carrying out their business without having online presence. Not only businesses but generally people also need to have online presence through which they can communicate with the other people. The promotion and marketing of the products and services offered by the company can be easily done through the website. The business can be carried of globally and the latest information about the company can be conveyed to the existing as well as new customers. A website should act as an online catalogue for the new customers; so that they can get all the relevant information about the company�s products and services. Designing a website is not an easy task. It is not a cup of tea for every person. Specialists are required to complete the task which requires number of skills to specialize in. Website designing includes different tasks to be performed by different people, which are � logo design � graphic design � website design � website development � Search engine optimization Logo is the identification mark of the company, it appears at the top of every business document, thus the logo design has to be attractive and eye catching. The task of designing a logo is to be performed by the logo designer or by the graphic designer as well. The logo should be easy and effective to understand and remember. And graphic designing includes preparing the images, photographs and graphics to be used in the website and other advertising materials like brochures, posters, flyers etc. the file size of the graphic design should be small so that the website can be loaded easily.

After that for designing a website, you need to prepare a web layout. Layout is the dummy for the website which is prepared before the designing part to be done. Website design includes working with the graphics and content over the website. The content to be included in the site should be interesting, informative and to the point. The website should not be crammed with useless content; as it can divert the mind of the visitor from your website. At vibe graphics, The sequence of the text and graphics is attractive and elegant to please the eyes of the visitor. The next step after the designing part is over is to look after the functionality of the website.

Website development includes usage of various scripts like HTML, XHTML, java, and CSS etc to make the website functional and visible on the World Wide Web. Once the design of the website is fully prepared and ready to go online, some coding is required to be done by the programmer for the promotion and marketing of your products and services. Search engine optimization is the process of getting the website ranked at the top on the various search engine results. Through SEO, the chances of getting as many click at your website increases. This can be done through adding keywords, submission of articles, blogs, press releases which the search engines to crawl at our site and thus increases the rank.